Thanks to the generosity of Bruce Carvelle, a family crazy quilt sewn in Parkville in 1916 has been donated to the St. Joseph County Historical Society. Many names on the squares are still familiar in Park Township. The mystery, however, is the association between them … possibly church, grange or women’s aid society? The signed names on the squares appear in the photos and in the names below. If you have information about any of these Park residents that will help us tell the quilt’s story, please call Holly Stephenson at 269.718.7013 or by email at Thanks to Bev Fenwick for giving us a good start on our sleuthing!

L.Carvelle, B.Cox, May Cohen, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. G. Felker, Mrs. Fenwick, Sadie E. Fisher, Rachel Frakes,Florence Eldridge,

Daisy Heikes, Fern Heikes, Fern Hill, M.J. Hill, N.S. Hueter, Mrs. Groner, Mrs. Griffith, Daisy Grovenburg, L. Grovenburg, Hattie M. Lowe, Iva J. Lowe, Glen Lowe, J.Mann, K. Mann, N.Mann, Mary E. Matrau, M. Miller, E. Moyer, Ceba Penfield, G.Springer, Mrs. Wintermute, Bishop Wright

Initialled Squares: MBG, BH, LJF, MC & FB, AH, GWF, RR, MW, MBG, NN, MW

Center Fan Square: BR, DS, MM,AA, LG, MG & MF, JW, DH, SF,LC, GS